These are a great way of improving your skills, and of studying various topics in diving in more depth. Within the PADI system, they represent the way to obtain specific skills and abilities as well as gain supervised experience and have a great time.

1. Digital Underwater Photographer - an excellent introduction to using a digital camera to bring home memories. Two dives taking pictures and some hands-on experience using editing software.

2. Dry Suit Diver - for those who have trained in warmer climes. Staying warm is about equipment and technique-not water temperature! Learn how.

3. Enriched Air Diver - our most popular course-why use air when there are better alternatives?. Land based course.

4. Underwater Navigator - another skill most people tend to struggle with. This course will demystify bearings, reciprocals and kick cycles! Very popular.

5. Search and Recovery Diver - 4 dives covering search patterns, rigging and lifting objects. Manual covers theory.

6. Wreck Diver - 4 dives including limited wreck penetration skills.

7. Deep Diver* - understand more about planning and executing deeper dives. Extends recommended depth limit to 40m.

8. Self Reliant Diver - learn the skills to dive both independently of and within a buddy team.

9. Multilevel (computer) Diver - learn how to use computers and the ERDP correctly, and understand more about diving theory.

10. Night Diver -  3 dives in the dark!

11. Peak Performance Buoyancy - the most important skill you can master.

12. Underwater Naturalist*- learn about the environment and the ecosystem you dive in.

13. AWARE Fish ID* - makes fish spotting more fun!

14. Drift Diver* - techniques to turn current to our advantage. The lazy way to dive!

15. Boat Diver* - most diving involves them!

16. Project AWARE—non diving specialty about our precious marine resources. 

17. AWARE Coral Reef Conservation-as above, specific to coral reefs.

18. Equipment Specialist-learn how it works, and how to look after it!

19. Underwater Videographer– bring back moving pictures! 

20. Emergency 02 Provider-How to deal with injured divers. 

All courses include crewpack and video (where available), gear hire, gas fills, dive site entry fees and PADI certification. Courses marked * are normally conducted in conjunction with trips away. 

Master Scuba Diver

This is the highest diving qualification within the PADI system. It represents an excellent goal for any diver. It consists of Rescue Diver, 5 specialities as above and 50 logged dives. We offer packages in getting this "black belt" of diving. Please ask us for details.