Divemaster is the first professional membership level available within PADI. As a Divemaster, you are entitled to charge for your services, offering guided diving or actually running some specific courses for qualified divers. As such, it is professional and vocational training i.e. we are in effect training you to do a job. All our Divemaster programs are run as a part time internship, typically over a six month period. On average, the actual internship is about 28 days in total.

We prioritise Divemaster training, with set schedules and comprehensive debriefs on performance. You will not just be used to fulfil our obligations to the HSE, but trained within a formally structured training environment. The course achieve a set of attainable objectives over a defined period, it will not be an open ended program where you are used as an extra “dogsbody”!

The cost of the course includes all texts etc. but does not include use of equipment.