The PADI Open Water Scuba Instructor qualification is the most sought after professional diving qualification in the industry. It allows the user to teach the full range of PADI programs. In order to become an OWSI, you need to successful complete a PADI Instructor Exam, and in order to attend this, you will first need to to complete an Instructor Development Course (IDC)

This seven-day program builds on the skills and theory that you have developed as a Divemaster; As a qualified OWSI, you can teach the full range of PADI programs. Our course concentrates on the “real world” application of the PADI training methodology. We also incorporate lots of information to help make you effective an effective instructor, and to help develop your abilities as a member of the global diving industry.

We have an in-house Course Director, so are able to offer flexibility in scheduling and expert training from an active industry professional